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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan is fairly a new sub-stream of marketing within the local business environment. Although Digital Marketing has already taken roots as a core component of international business, the Pakistani market is still adopting this new domain. This very reason makes it perfect for professionals (marketing or otherwise) who are willing to dive into the exciting world of Digital Marketing and learn about how it works in promoting business in today’s high-tech world.

Fast track Digital Marketing online course is different from conventional marketing because it involves the use of digital and electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops, and connectivity to the internet. Instead of conventional marketing channels, a digital marketer makes use of digital mediums to achieve marketing targets. These mediums may include but are not limited, to emails, social media websites, official web pages, and various online search engines.

Aura Trainings is a pioneer Digital Marketing Institute offering Digital Marketing Courses in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, and major cities of Pakistan. It provides a target-oriented and highly professional platform where you will not only get to learn about the fundamentals of this field but also gain hands-on practice on how to actually perform digital marketing tasks.

This particular course (The Complete Digital Marketing Online) is different from other ordinary Online Digital Marketing Courses in Karachi or Lahore. It is our most comprehensive offering and includes all aspects of Digital Marketing. This includes introduction to Digital Marketing, creating websites, performing Search Engine Optimizations, integrating Social Media Marketing, various kinds of advertising, content creation, and analysis via analytics.

How Digital Marketing Training Online Will Benefit You?

This course benefits you in the following ways:

• You are a new entrant into the field of Digital Marketing and will gain vital knowledge from our professional trainers which only comes with years of experience

• Individual as well as group-based hands-on trainings with the latest techniques to make you an expert

• It will open up an entirely new field and offer wide-ranging career opportunities in the form of Digital Marketers for both local and international businesses

• It will increase your potential of earning manifolds and provide you with both freelance and regular job opportunities

• You will become part of pioneering experts of Digital Marketing and will go on to explore new horizons in the future as a more local and international business move towards Digital Marketing

• You will receive a globally recognized certification at the successful completion of the program

Digital Media Marketing [CDMM] Expert course

Certified digital media marketing expert course is one of the best digital marketing courses in Pakistan. It is the first time in Lahore Pakistan that an institute offers an extensive feature digital marketing expert course for beginners or especially for professionals. As we know the demand for digital media or digital media marketing professionals is rising day by day. In the market, there is a huge gap available related to the jobs in private and multinational companies. By considering the potentialAura training offers the professional program of CDMM. It offers in-depth knowledge and learning about the latest tools and techniques used for business promotion online.  

Why Digital Media Marketing [CDMM] Expert course?

To follow the growth level in the digital world it is important to take part and learn skills and knowledge to improve competencies. With the digital media marketing course (CDMM) a person will not only understand the importance of digital marketing but also explore new horizons. The course is designed by considering the comprehensive marketing structure and need of digital media in an organization.

We are living in a world of the internet and technology that makes it impossible to neglect the requirement and use of digital sources for business promotion. Other than the traditional marketing tools, digital media offer more sustainable and cost-effective tools to promote business. It directly affects brand recognition, existence and helps to compete with existing and future competition. With digital marketing, a company can target more potential customers to deliver information about products or services. It is value addition and leverage for a brand to lead in the competition.

By increasing the need and trend of online digital marketing, multiple courses are available that give in-depth knowledge and learning. But a digital media marketing expert course is different from all of the available options. It is a comprehensive course structure with multiple things covered under one roof. If a person wants to learn social media marketing, google analytics, AdWords, and multiple others then the digital media marketing course in Lahore is the best option to enroll with.

It happens for the first time in Pakistan that a digital media marketing institute in Lahore offers 17 different digital media courses altogether in a 6-month module. It covers social media, SEO, content marketing, video marketing, email promotion, mobile promotion, AdWords, google analytics, and much more. a candidate cannot only enroll in the course but also get bits of help and assistance from the market professionals. After the completion of the CDMM course, a person will be able to serve in any company or can be a recognized entrepreneur.           

Learning Objectives of the course

Aura training, the best digital marketing institute in Lahore Pakistan offers comprehensive digital marketing course for beginners, professionals and entrepreneurs. It is a 6-month detail program that includes assessment or examination and a 1-month internship in a reputed organization. In practical fields, digital media marketing courses offer exclusive benefits. A person who registers is the CDMM program will be able to get the following objects from the course:

  • It helps to understand digital marketing, its importance and practical implication.
  • Provide the knowledge and understating about the product or services promotions.
  • It offers understating to design branding and work on brand recognition.
  • The knowledge about digital media, tools and their usage.
  • A candidate will learn the advantages and limitations of the digital media sources.
  • It offers the familiarity with the digital media marketing practices, tools and real time applications.
  • Learn how to use digital media marketing with traditional marketing tools and techniques.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about budgeting and costing
  • A person will able to design marketing plan or budget plan for digital marketing
  • Offer information about the in depth knowledge about the reporting and metrics tracking
  • Understand the digital marketing future and how to prepare yourself for it.
  • Can apply for the online certification include google analytics, AdWords, and Facebook.

Moreover, a person after completing the digital media marketing course will be able to serve as a digital marketer, promote with freelancing, run and expand personal business setup, a value addition with any other professional degree in the practical field and much more.  

Digital Marketing Courses in Rawalpindi, 

Career opportunities

For the business promotions, jobs and to develop market recognition marketing is an important aspect. Moreover, traditional marketing techniques are not enough to compete in the digital world. Companies and brands spending time, money and resources on digital marketing tools and techniques. After having the digital media marketing certification, a person can follow the visible path towards career success.

After getting the digital media marketing certification a person will:

  • Work as digital media marketer
  • Promote as freelancer in digital or social media
  • Develop personal brand or promote business
  • A value addition in professional skills
  • Design marketing plan
  • Understand budgeting and develop budget plan

With the digital marketing certification, you will ensure and secure the reputed position in the competitive industry. It delivers best tools and techniques with real time practices that improve skills and make them recognizable.

Important features of Digital Media Marketing [CDMM] Expert course

By enrollment in the digital media marketing course (CDMM) a person will be able to learn and explore the new horizon in digital marketing. If a person starts doing it with the Aura trainings, best digital media marketing institute in Lahore, here are some features that offer ultimate advantage:

  • Certified course from the best digital marketing institute in Lahore (Aura Trainings)
  • Online training or having live session with instructors
  • 24×7 trainer’s support with open discussion forum
  • Real time projects and assignments
  • Support in projects and course understanding
  • Availability of assistance for the beginners as well for digital marketers
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Internships and jobs   

Eligibility criteria

If you are looking for personal or business growth in this era of the internet, digital marketing course in Lahore is the best option to choose. It is best for the person with professional exposure, beginner and business representative. For the course enrollment a person must be bachelors or having the prior knowledge or marketing or social media.

Moreover, any of the following will be eligible to get enroll in the digital marketing expert course:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales expert
  • Owner of business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Students
  • IT professionals
  • Or professionals from other field

Course modules

Aura offers an extensive and in detail course modules that covers every inch of Digital Media marketing. The course helps you to experience and gain all the expertise of an expert digital marketer. You will be able to explore everything from the beginning till the end. Following are the major modules of the course:

  • Digital marketing overview
  • Marketing research
  • WordPress Website development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Commerce Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video and YouTube Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Super Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Adobe Photoshop

Other than these modules we offer students to have in-house and industry internships that help them to take part in the practical implementation of what they will learn during the course.

Examination and certification criteria

To enroll yourself or make eligible for the examination, it is necessary to register for the 6-month digital marketing expert program. Any business owner, entrepreneur, marketing professional or student who attends the session for a 6-month digital marketing course must be eligible for the examination. Here are the examination criteria on which basis students learning and knowledge evaluated:

  • First of all, necessary to attend 6-month course classes for the completion of course content.
  • After the completion of the session, the candidate has to appear in the 100 marks examination.
  • There is no negative marking in the assessment checking.
  • Candidate has to score 70% marks to secure the position.
  • Candidates with 80% attendance are eligible to appear in the examination.
  • After examination, the candidate has to do a 1-month internship.

For certification:

  • After the completion of the course candidate has to collect the certification of digital media marketing expert course within 1-month time period.
  • No candidate is entitled to get the certification after the given time.
  • If a candidate does not appear in the examination, cannot claim for the certification

Enrollment procedure

To enroll in the digital media marketing course a person has to fulfill eligibility criteria. You can enroll yourself in your nearest branch. We are operating from selected cities of Pakistan Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

Through online from the website, email us on

You can get registration in the course online and when you get the approval from the admission office you have to deposit a fee. You can have made the payment easily by using multiple payment modes including: cash, cheque or bank transfer, or by using Easy Paisa.

Once you fulfill the procedure, our correspondent will share the schedule and course outline. You can take in-house classes and for the outsiders we are offering the online live sessions with instructors. The purpose is to serve the candidates with best services that make visible difference.


Why is the Digital Media Marketing Course important at present?

In the digital media world, business is going advanced and technology is proposing more opportunities to make things work efficiently. The course covers all the necessary and integral skills a digital marketer requires to grab market and improve sales in business.

Why Aura?

Aura has been one of the finest institutions that are offering the best Digital Media and technology related courses in Lahore. The dedicated team ensures to make a huge difference for youth in order to make skill acquisition quick and efficient for them.

Do I need to have any specific qualification for admission?

No, to secure admission in Digital Media Marketing [CDMM] Expert course you do not have to attain any specific qualification. A bit of knowledge regarding social media, use of computers and dedication to learn will be good enough to be a part of our new batch.

Is there any scholarship in the course program?

Aura does not offer any scholarship in Digital Media Marketing [CDMM] Expert course but there are significant discounts and opportunities offered by the institution to its students. You can find out more about the opportunities at the admission desk.

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