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IOS apps developer (From scratch to App Developer)

Course Description

iOS is one of the leading operating software for a large number of mobile phone users around the globe. As announced by Apple, there are over one billion active iOS devices in the World. To support this great figure, there are only 3.8 million apps which are available in the Apple App Store to quench the growing needs of Apple device users. More and more apps and games are needed to compete with other OS platforms such as Google Play Store. This is where ios development course in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi comes in.

Apple is continuously encouraging app developers around the world to develop more and more apps for iOS mobile devices. This encouragement for the development of iOS apps and games has opened many newer venues for iOS app development. Hundreds of software developers in all corners of the world are busy with the development of newer games and apps for iOS phones and devices and are making a huge amount of money. If you intend to do the same, Aura Trainings offers the best iOS development course in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan.

Being the best and fundamentally pioneer IT training course provider in Lahore, Aura Trainings has introduced the first-ever iOS development course in Lahore. It will not only increase your options for new job positions in iOS development but also allow you to become your own boss and build up and market your own apps independently.


So Who Should Enrol in Our iOS development Course

 Students of app development especially iOS (operating system of Apple smart devices)

• People who want to develop their own apps on iOS / Apple App Store

• Anyone interested in a proper certification in iOS development course in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi.

• Those who are working as iOS app developers who want to learn the latest tools and tricks in the trade

• Employees of app developing companies and software houses who want to polish their skills in iOS app development

• Business owners who want to learn how to make apps for their business on the iOS platform

• Anyone looking to make a career out of app development in iOS


What Should You Expect to Learn From iOS development Course in Lahore / Karachi at Aura Trainings?

• A good grasp of the fundamentals of app development with focus on iOS

• Fundamental structure of the app or game development in the App Store

• Complete understanding of architecture of the app and its core design

• Prificiency in using different tools and software used in app development, their application to create and test structure of the app

• iOS development Course in Lahore has been designed in such way that our expert trainers will convert the trainees into highly skilled, highly demanded and highest paid professionals in the iOS app development sector

• Designing and developing the user interface (UI) for apps and its usage to operate the app

• App Testing, debugging and uploading the developed app on the iOS App Store


1. Introduction to programming (Swift)

1.1 Installing XCode.
1.2 Creating and playing with code in XCode Playground.
1.3 Variable, constants, arrays.
1.4 If-else Conditions.
1.5 Functions.
1.6 Loops.
1.7 Lab.

2. Basics of iOS (Introduction to XCode)
2.1 Setting up simulator.
2.2 Going through With XCode.
2.3 How to Properly Create a New Xcode Project.
2.4 What is a Bundle Identifier?
2.5 How to Position User Interface (Ul) Elements.
2.6 What is Property Inspector.
2.7 Run and Test Your App!
3. Creating Hello World and Guess Number App
3.1 Let’s Design the User Interface Using Storyboards.
3.2 Create your first app.
3.3 Create your second app.
3.4 Run app on physical device.
4. Switch statements, Pick a Fruit app, World capitals app
4.1 Intro to Switch Statements.
4.2 Adding images in project.
4.3 Intro to Picker View in Xcode.
4.4 Making third app ‘Pick a Fruit app’
4.5 Intro to Multi-Component Picker View in Xcode.
4.6 Making app ‘World capitals’.
5. iOS Auto Layout and Setting Constraints
5.1 Why Do We Need Auto Layout?
5.2 Responsiveness of app on all screens.
5.3 Auto Layout in Practice – Setting Constraints.
5.4 [Lab] Use What You Just Learnt to Practice Auto Layout.
6. Handling Dynamic Contents (Table views in iOS) + Shopping List app
6.1 Intro to Table Views.
6.2 Table view classes.
6.3 Table view cells & Table view cell classes.
6.4 Using Table view in View Controller.
6.5 Populate table views with dynamic data & Make App ‘Shopping List app’.
6.6 Lab.

7. Handling Dynamic Horizontal Contents (Collection views in iOS) + Interlinking multiple View

7.1 Intro to Collection Views
7.2 Collection view classes
7.3 Collection view cells
7.4 Collection view cell classes
7.5 Using Collection view in View Controller
7.6 Populate Collection views with dynamic data
7.7 Moving to new view controller
7.8 Passing data to another view controller
7.9 Lab
8. Multimedia in iOS + Alerts in iOS
8.1 Alert views
8.2 Action Sheets
8.3 Capture pictures From Camera.
8.4 Get Pictures From Gallery
8.5 Lab
9. Social Media Interaction
9.1 Login with Facebook
9.2 Add app in Facebook developers
9.3 Get user credentials
9.4 Lab
10. Saving user information
10.1 User Defaults
10.2 Save and fetch data in user defaults
10.3 Introducing core data
10.4 Core Data in Xcode project and creating a database
10.5 Insert and fetch requests from Core data.
10.6 Lab
11. Cocoapods in iOS (Using third party library)
11.1 Intro to cocoapods
11.2 Install cocoapods
11.3 Importing third party using Podfile
11.4 Using XWorkSpace project
11.5 Example Libraries and project use
11.6 Lab
12. Cocoapods in iOS (Using third party library)
12.1 Json (What is Json) & Json Array,s and Json Objects.
12.2 First Look injson
12.3 Parsing of Json
12.4 Bacis About Network Request, Assigning you your Final Project & Lab

13. Using The Network Request API (Part 1)
13.1 Using libraries (Alamofire and HTTP)
13.2 Getting Data From Live Server.
13.3 Decoding Data from JSON
13.4 Lab
14. Using MVC for Network Request API (Part 2)
14.1 Intro to MVC
14.2 Creating Model Classes
14.3 Populating Model classes
14.4 Using Model Classes data in Controller Class
14.5 Lab
15. Using The Network Request API (Part 3)
15.1 Studing Advance Custom table and collection View.
15.2 Using Json to show Data into table and collection View (Text and pictures).
15.3 Load more chunk of data on scrolling
15.4 Lab
16. Final app Development and testing and deployment to play store.

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