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Python Programming with Django Framework

Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn how to build simple websites with Django and Python!

Django overwhelms a lot of people, and it doesn’t have to! If you understand just a few basic concepts, you’ll see that Django is a breeze to use! Python is best among them as compared to other languages like java PHP C++. This will give you a bright future with it.

This Python Course in Rawalpindi starts with the basics of Python and then will guide you step-by-step to learn the Django fundamentals and explain how to use the MVC approach to develop the three tiers application using Django. After getting the huge demand we are starting python language classes and python programming training in Lahore. Hopefully, you will have an enriching experience and after the course, you will get able to have a highly paid job.

The developer environment is most important for developing a development atmosphere may be a combination of a text editor and therefore the Python Interpreter the text editor permits you to jot down the code. The interpreter provides how to execute the code you’ve got written. A text editor will be as straightforward as a pad on Windows or a lot as sophisticated as an entire integrated development atmosphere (IDE) like PyCharm that runs on any major software system.

Several programming language quality rankings exist. Whereas it’s doable to criticize that these guides aren’t precise, each ranking shows Python as a high programming language inside the highest 10, if not the highest 5 of all languages.

If you are just starting your career you might start with learning the python programming language. Python programming language is more user friendly than any other language after reading its scope. Programming languages have distinctive ecosystems, cultures, and philosophies engineered around them. you may notice friction with a community and issue in learning if your approach to programming varies from the philosophy of the programming language you have designated. Python’s culture values open supply software system, community involvement with native, national and international events, and teaching to new programmers. If those values also are vital to you and/or your organization then Python could also be honest work. If you’re an experienced programmer or not our institute is intended for everyone who wishes to learn the Python programming language.

We are offering the Python course in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and major cities of Pakistan as well. Our mission is to educate the community by giving them technological skills. Apparently, if you are Lahore settled you will learn python class in Lahore sufficiently.  You are welcome to join on Aura for Any questions, discussions, and updates.


Students who want to learn about Python Web Development to build beautiful websites:

Beginners who want to build their first Website using Django.

Python developers who have a desire to create Django Web Applications.

Any person who wants a quick start to developing web apps using Django.

Are you Looking to boost your Developing skill as a Python Development? Maybe you have a lot of ideas but don’t know where to start? Or you are seeking a career as a King developer that will finally give you the freedom and flexibility you have been looking for?

Topics Covered:

• Python Object and Data Structure Basics

• Python Comparison Operators

• Python Statements

• Methods and Functions

• Milestone Project – 1

• Object-Oriented Programming

• Modules and Packages

• Errors and Exceptions Handling


>> This course is highly recommended for you software or computer science engg.

>> No programming experience is required

>> A Laptop Required

For Registration

For Complete Course Outline, Kindly visit >

For Registration fill this form>

> Class Assignments, Practical Projects & Final Exam.

> Course Fee: Rs.20,000/- including training material & certificates.


What will you learn

Learn Python fundamentals.

Learn how to use HTML to create website content and style them using CSS

Learn web development using django framework

Learn MVC concept and implementation using django.

Learn database design and modeling for dynamic site.

Learn about the REST APIs and Django rest framework.


1. After an introduction of the basics of the web application framework
Django, all participants will install Django themselves. Then we start
developing a first, simple application.
About Django
•Django Components
2. Installing & Configuring Django Components
Django Pre-Requisites
Downloading & Installing Django
Choosing a Database
Creating a New Project
3. Generating Simple Django Views
About View Functions
Using Django’s HttpResponse Class
Understanding HttpRequest Objects
Using QueryDict Objects
4. Configuring URLconf’s
 About URLconf
 Regular Expressions
Expression Examples
Simple URLConf Examples
Using Multiple URLConf’s
Passing URL Arguments
5. Django Templates
About Templates
Template Fundamentals
Creating Template Objects
Loading Template Files

Template Filters & Template Tags
More on For Loops
Template Inheritance
 Easy Rendering of Templates

 RequestContext Processors

Global Context Processors
6. HTML Forms with Forms (formerly newforms)
The Forms Module & Creating the Form
Generating Output From the Form
Customizing Field Parameters
Processing Form Data
Custom Form Field Validation
Generating Custom Field Errors
Customizing Form Output
7. Database Models with Django
 About Database Models
 Configuring Django for Database Access

Understanding Django Apps
 About Django Models & Defining Django Models
Understanding Model Fields & Options
Table Naming Conventions

Creating A Django Model
Adding the App to Your Project & Validating the App
Generating & Reviewing the SQL
Adding Data to the Model
Primary Keys and the Model
Simple Data Retrieval Using a Model
Understanding QuerySets
Applying Filters & Specifying Field Lookups
Lookup Types & Slicing QuerySets
Specifying Ordering in QuerySets

8. Django ORM
• ORM Configuration:
• Mapper Configuration
• Relationship Configuration
Inheritance Mapping
Advanced Collection Configuration
Configuration Extensions:
Declarative Extension
Association Proxy
Hybrid Attrbutes & Mutable Scalars
Ordered List
ORM Usage: Session Usage and Guidelines
Query API reference
Relationship Loading Techniques
• Using Q Objects
Creating Forms from Models
9. Using the Django Admin Interface
• Enabling the Admin Interface
• Creating an Admin User
Extra Modules

10. Access Control with Sessions and Users
Cookies & Django
The Django Session Framework
Sessions in Views & Session Tuning
Installing Django User Authentication
Using Authentication in Views & Login and Logout
Building your Own Login/Logout Views
Authentication Decorators
Adding & Deactivating Users
Asynchronous Messaging
Managing Permissions

11. Generic Views
• Simple Generic Views
• Using Generic Redirects
• Other Generic Views
• Create/Update/Delete Generic views

12. Data Caching for Performance
• Data Caching
• Setting up Per-View Caching
• Site Caching

13. Preventing Cross Site Request Forgery
• Cross Site Request Forgery

14. Django’s Email Functionality
• Configuring Mail Settings
• Sending Email
Other Email Functions

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